We have been advised that the AAT  is globally suspending all CBE assessments exams from midnight Sunday 22 March 2020 UK time. The following is taken from their notification:-


“We are acutely aware that this will have a significant impact on all training providers and students; as soon as restrictions are lifted, all “on demand computer” unit assessments will be able to resume quickly.  
We will of course also revisit the published schedule for synoptic windows in response to the situation as it evolves further.
Clearly these are exceptional times, so we’ll keep this position under close review at all times and update you immediately if there are any changes.
AAT continues to be fully operational in all other respects including the portfolio reflective element of Apprenticeship End Point Assessments which will be conducted remotely. All support services remain available to our students and members.”


Given the government guidance to date we presume a delay to at  least the end of April 2020.   Candidates with existing bookings are advised to reschedule their exam for after this date. 

Exams are held Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00am and 2:00pm

AAT e-assessment exams


AAT  assessments are available within 2 qualification streams; one for aspiring bookkeepers the other for trainee accountants.  Both streams have assessments across 3 levels, Award (level 1), Foundation (level 2) and Advanced (Level 3).  In addition, accounting students are also able to take the Professional Diploma at Level 4. 

Some assessments are available for both streams of students and may form part of more than one qualification.

AAT fees..png

For example, the Bookkeeping Transactions assessment forms part of 3 different qualifications, AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting (BTRN1),  AAT Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business (BTRN2), and AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping (BTRN3).

The AAT unit code (shown in brackets in the example above)  ensures you are booked onto the right exam.  Please review your AAT student page to confirm which qualification you are registered to study and ensure you book the right version of your exam.

The AAT synoptic exams are only available on specific weeks within the calendar year.  You can download a copy of the synoptic calendar here 


Our fees are £41.00 for the management all matters related to your exam.  All other monies received are forwarded to the AAT.  We are happy to put forward requests for refunds on your behalf,  but are unable to refund these fees for any confirmed exam without their express permission.

Related Prior Learning (RPL) exemptions

You may not have to take all the necessary AAT assessments to gain a specific qualification  if you can prove you have a previous  relevant qualification from another external awarding body sufficient to gain exemption for a particular exam.​

If you have already studied qualification units featuring the same content, you can apply for RPL exemption, and fast track to your desired AAT qualification.

Find out more about RPL exemptions here.

You can contact the AAT at http://www.aat.org.uk

Changes to  your booking

You can reschedule your exam by clicking the 'reschedule' link on your confirmation email.  However, we require a minimum of 5 working days’ notice for the change to take effect. 

Please contact us if you wish to 'cancel' your examination.  Cancellations may be subject to loss of some or all of your payment, subject to your reason for cancellation and the amount of notice given. 


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