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21st July 2021


The Online Exams Centre here at Sefton House is open for exams  The safety of our staff and visitors to the Centre is paramount, so we have incorporated  both published government guidelines and our exam sponsor's best practices into our operating standards. 

In order for us to remain open we ask that all visitors to the Centre heed the following advice in order to prevent the risk of infection to yourselves and others.

Before visiting the Centre

  • Do not visit the Centre if you are feeling unwell or if any of your family members or close contacts have been diagnosed, or are suspected of having COVID 19.         


  • Read and follow all instructions within the Centre relating to the your safety and protection from the virus.  Such instructions may be  written or verbal and dependent on the information passed to us by the Government or your exam sponsor, as and when received.

  • Visit our website at  regularly to keep up to date with news of the effect of the virus on our operations.

  • Please do not seek access to the Centre  more than 15 minutes before your exam.  This will enable us to maintain the correct number of candidates permitted in the Centre at the same time.


Face masks are compulsory: Currently,  "the Government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings:-

  • in crowded spaces, where there are more people who might be infectious

  • in enclosed indoor spaces where there is limited fresh air”

You, as the candidate, must bring your own mask and wear it in the Centre.



Whilst at  the Centre

You are asked to follow the instructions of our invigilators and follow the exam security check-in procedures.  Please note the following:

  • On arrival.  You will be asked to sanitize your hands on entry to the Centre and to sanitize your hands as you move about the Centre.

  • Disposable gloves:** You may wear disposable gloves during testing at the Centre.  Staff  will inspect the gloves both before and after you enter the exam room. (Note our staff will be provided with disposable gloves as a precaution against hand borne germs).

       ** PSI and CIPS candidates are not allowed to wear gloves during their exams.

  • Sanitize your hands: Staff will advise you to use hand sanitizer before they conduct admission steps. such as when asking you to sign your name on the signature pad and before entering the test room.

  • Social Distancing: Is no longer mandatory,  but we ask all candidates to practise caution in terms of personal space and physical separation  from other candidates whilst in the Centre.

  • Exam room procedure: You will be escorted to and from the test room. Please raise you hand when you have finished your exam and wait for the proctor to escort you from the test room.      


We are mindful of the need to  keep candidates at a safe physical distance from each other and from members of staff.  To this end we will apply a  limit to the number of candidates within all areas of the Centre at any given time.  Therefore, we may need to ask you to remain in your car and/or wait in reception for longer than usual in order to maintain this limit. 

We will:-

  • Maintain an enhanced desk/keyboard hygiene policy.

  • Provide hand wash and disposable paper towels in the  bathrooms and hand sanitizers throughout the Centre.

  • Inform  you and your exam sponsor of any candidates, visitors to the Centre, or any member of staff  who we are aware have tested positive for the virus.

We appreciate that some candidates may find these changes stressful but hope, like us, you feel that exam certification should not come at a risk of contagion from this terrible virus.   We would appreciate your help and cooperation in making the Centre a safe environment for everyone.

Kind regards,




Jean Holborow


Exams Ltd t/a Online Exams


Tel: 44 (0) 1733 644645

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