What happens on Exam Day?

We are obliged to carry out a number of checks before you take your exam and you will not be able to enter the examination room with anything that is disallowed by your sponsor.  Checks vary according to your examination sponsor, and may include some or all of the following:-

You will always be asked to prove your ID.  

Most sponsors require you to produce 2 forms of identification, one of which must be a government issued photo ID such as a passport or drivers’ licence,  


You will always be asked to:-

  • remove coats and outdoor clothing before going into the test room.

  • empty your pockets,

  • remove your watch,

  • turn off your mobile phone and place phone, wallet and other valuables in an allocated locker. You retain the key safe in the knowledge that your personal belongings are safe and secure during your exam.


You may be required to:-

  • have a photograph taken and/or provide a sample signature as a means of identification,

  • lift your hair (if it extends to your shoulders) to display your neck and upper shoulders

  • pat down your clothing immediately before going into the test room

Please don’t be offended when asked to do the above.  These checks are there to ensure your exam is not devalued by anyone trying to cheat the system.


We will need to notify your exam sponsor of any failure to complete any specified checks, and they will advise us as to whether or not the examination can go ahead.