Exams are held Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00am and 2:00pm

IAB assessments (including computerised software)

You must:-

  •  agree your examination date with the centre at least 5 weeks in advance 

  • Advise the IAB of your agreed exam date and register yourself for the exam.

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 The IAB does not have any entry requirements to qualifications.

IAB courses are paper tests; however, the computerised bookkeeping and payroll qualifications both require the use of computerised software.   We facilitate both online and paper based tests for IAB certifications.

Computerised bookkeeping requires a commercially available computerised bookkeeping software package. Payroll requires the use of a commercially available computerised payroll software package.  We

provide both Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll software for these examinations.


We charge a hosting fee of £60 per exam to include express delivery of your exam papers back to the IAB.

You will need to allow 5 weeks in between registering for your IAB exam and the exam itself.    

The IAB exam process:-

  • You agree an examination date with the centre at least 5 weeks in advance.  The admin fee is paid directly to the centre at the time of booking.  Refunds are available for cancellations up to  2 weeks before the date of your exam.


  • You advise the IAB of your agreed examination date and register yourself for the examination. Registration fees are paid directly to the IAB.  This allows you access to the appropriate online knowledge tests.  You are advised to completed these in advance of your exam.

  • The IAB will forward your exam paper to the centre by secure mail in advance of your exam date.


  • On the day of your exam the centre will provide you with any software and tools (including stationery items, calculators etc) necessary for your exam


  • The centre will send back your completed paper to the IAB by secure mail on the day of your exam.

Additional IAB fees.

Resits: - The fee for a resit is £40 per exam payable to the IAB.  Students wishing to resit an online unit will be charged £20 per unit. Students are entitled to get their online units reset once before a fee will be charged. Students whose IAB student membership/IAB Online access has expired will be charged £30 to extend their membership for 6 months.   There is a £40 hosting fee for resits.

Cancellation of exam - When a student is unable to sit an exam without a valid reason and the papers have been dispatched to the centre the IAB reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of £50 per student.

Transfer Fee - When a student wishes to re-arrange an exam, the IAB reserves the right to charge a transfer fee of £40 per student.