Booking Terms and Conditions 

You, the candidate, are solely responsible for ensuring you book the correct exam.  Online Exams cannot be held liable for any errors made by you when advising us of your required booking.

Unless previously agreed with an employer, all exam fees must be paid in advance of your exam.

We collect fees on behalf of the AAT/ACCA together with our admin fees and at the time of booking.    

All exams must be booked via our scheduler.  Candidates with an agreed payment procedure will be given an appropriate link to make their booking.

Exams booked via the scheduler automatically saves a seat within the centre for the date and time of your exam.  It does not automatically log your exam with the AAT/ACCA.

Online Exams will log all relevant details re your exam (date, time, subject etc) with your exam partner, either  the AAT or the ACCA within 48 hours of receipt of your booking via our scheduler.

Bookings can be fast tracked but will not allow for any queries between Online Exams and AAT where there are discrepancies in the information you provide to us.  Bookings with the ACCA cannot be made and confirmed in less the 24hours.

Booked exams may be rescheduled once only.  Contact the centre if you have extenuating circumstances requiring a second reschedule.

Cancellations and refunds.

Refunds of AAT/ACCA fees can only be made with the expressed agreement of the appropriate exam body namely the AAT or ACCA.

Exams cancelled within 7 days may be eligible for a full refund. Admin fees are non-returnable for exams cancelled after 7 days. 

Cancellation and refund after 7 days are only made in extenuating circumstances. 

Complaints Procedure

Any complaints as to your examination itself MUST be logged with your invigilator BEFORE leaving the Centre.

Complaints concerning exams will be noted down and forwarded as an 'incident' to your exam sponsor on the day of your exam

You will be asked to sign a printed copy of any incident report, and may request a printed copy for your records.

All complaints about staff or admin procedures within the Centre must first be raised with your invigilator then forwarded in writing to the Centre Director at